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10:06   07-Oct-16    Final Report and Accounts 2015
09:55   07-Oct-16    Final Report and Accounts 2014
09:52   07-Oct-16    Final Report and Accounts 2013
09:50   31-Dec-11    Final Reports and Accounts 2011
09:48   31-Dec-10    Final Report and Accounts 2010
09:44   30-Jun-09    Interim Reports and Accounts 2009
10:44   15-Sep-10    3rd Quarter Results
11:17   23-Jul-10    Half-yearly Report
07:34   17-Mar-10   Annual Financial Report
07:58   13-Aug-09   3rd Quarter Results
10:27   14-Apr-09   Annual Financial Report
11:57   30-Mar-09   Change of Adviser
08:03   04-Sep-08   China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Half-yearly Report
09:34   20-May-08   China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Annual Report and Accounts
07:00   09-Nov-07    China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Issue of Equity
12:50   28-Sep-07    Issue of Equity
07:04   24-May-07    China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Interim Results
15:45   11-Jan-07    China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Final Results
10:11   20-Dec-06    China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Trading update
07:00   15-Dec-06    China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Shares in Issue
07:00   15-Dec-06    China CDM Exchange Centre Ltd - Start of Trading

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